More SS Ruddershafts

Colm, building one of my 31′ trimarans, came up with two sources of thick wall stainless ruddershaft suppliers.

“I bought my 304 rudder shaft from tube service co:  It was 299 for 6′ of 1.5 od with 0.375 wall.  Recently I was quoted the same tube in 316 from penn stainless:   Quote was 380.


3 thoughts on “More SS Ruddershafts”

  1. BTW, tube service sent me two 5′ pieces of 1.5 tube, .375 wall, for $178 ea. plus shipping. It is seamless, rather than welded.

  2. I could see about a quote from (your link above is broken, Kurt). I see a choice in some suppliers from welded tube vs. seamless. Welded ok? – assume seamless is more for sanitary uses (as a beer brewer) but could be wrong.

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