More Thoughts on a New Printer.

A few things recently combined to create a huge transformation in how I view the nature of design plans. The first element came from David Smith. He suggested putting bar codes on the plans so that smart phones could link to specifications and the like. Nice.

Then, I had to get the new printer; a fast color printer. Just-in-time printing is possible instead of copying off of old originals.

The last idea came from attending a Native sketch comedy group, the 1491s last Friday. They had most of their sketches on and playing from YouTube. YouTube has been around a while yes, but seeing it used this way inspired me.  Just-in-time prints could not only have specifications linked by Q-codes (barcodes), but also the latest how-to video from YouTube. Or even video of the design actually sailing.  All on a smartphone, so totally portable. Or right on the shop floor with no other infastructure needed.  No PC nor video screen is needed.  That was one take-away from being in Uganda; smartphones are everywhere.  Technical papers could have references or even useful video embedded in them.  I think this is pretty big.  A shot of the printer again.

2 thoughts on “More Thoughts on a New Printer.”

  1. Those are all great ideas, but a simple forum set up on your website, accessible only to people who have bought your plans, would free you up from all of us, as we answered our own questions.

    Now that I understand all the basics, I could answer a brand new builder’s questions if he were running into tricky parts I have already figured out.

    You could then pop in and answer questions that nobody could figure out, such as obscure materials substitutions.

    Best part is, once you have answered the question one time, it will be answered forever and searchable. No more repetitive questions from builders.

    Example: When looking at the pages detailing the main strength beam on the composite glass plans, how many people have asked what the “top” and “bottom” laminates are? Nobody can tell those are the top and bottom surfaces of the faired forward beam on first glance. We all thought they were on the face of the bulkhead part of beam #5, but had to ask you about them. I know other builders that have asked you this question (such as those I am regular contact with).

    With a forum, that question would be answered once and for all.

    Just my 2 cents. It could save a lot of time and effort for you and for builders.

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