Mosquito Fleet Catamarans

New 65 foot Mosquito Fleet ferry proposal. Imagine a Holo Holo for cold weather, with classic lines. 135 passengers. 500 hp per side giving 27 knots.

Compare to the recent Kitsap Transit metal cats of 149 pax, needing nearly 5000 hp to go 37 knots. And costing $7.5 million each. They could have probably had 4 or 5 of these for that price, and avoided the soulless utilitarian look too.
They could also be electric, but see how they have about a fifth of the carbon footprint already.









One thought on “Mosquito Fleet Catamarans”

  1. Hi Kurt
    I’ve always said that you hit the trawler styling with efficient catamaran hulls right on the nose with your 50/55.

    I’ll build the first prototype ferry for 3.5 mil and the next 10 for 2.0 each! About the same cost as a few hundred yards of new light rail subway—–.


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