My Recent Lecture

About a week and a half ago I was invited to give a lecture to the Bellingham Power Squadron on catamarans.
I figured that I would power through the images from the blog and talk story a bit on the informative ones. Not that easy.

My little laptop is only a few years old.  Turns out it was too old.  It did not have an HDMI port and nobody had an adaptor.  So it couldn’t talk to the bigscreen.  We did copy some pictures onto a thumbdrive for the bigscreen, but then the bigscreen crashed.

Luckily I had lots of composite construction samples to pass around,  and put together a presentation from those.  Improvise!

For me, the big take-away was from my host Alex who built one of my 45 cats with an aeroesque rig.

He noted that he joined the power squadron to be able to attend their classes on wiring and other technologies.  I had not considered that before.  Something for people to look into.

2 thoughts on “My Recent Lecture”

  1. The world smallest violins are playing a sad song about your Windows problems. Bottom line: If you have the money move to a CERTIFIED Red Hat or OpenSuse system. You can run all your old programs on it. I’m more partial to OpenSuse because of some freeze functions that are very useful when you do not want change (and most people are scared NOT TO UPDATE). The computer security business is a business that strives on bad products the same way that mechanics strives on bad cars and yes the boat industry…. Same with email… They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks but keeping with something because it is local is madness.

    Yes if you have the skills and time it is all free.

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