Mystery Trimaran

I got a couple of pictures of what looks like one of my 37′ or even 40′ trimarans, from John who saw it. Located Block Island.

Does anyone know the boat? I first thought it was one of the 37s but it looks a bit bigger overall to me. If it is the 40, there is funny story. It seems that multihull legend Jim Brown went to look at it and its plans while it was being built. ┬áHis reported comment was “Hughes is just showing off.”



7 thoughts on “Mystery Trimaran”

  1. Correction the newer 37 footer does have a bow spit. Probably retractable. The photo I think a retractable bow spit because a extended bow spit is not showing.

  2. Observation.

    The beams look different, your stock designs don’t have a bow spit or port hole forward main hull.

    Your 37 footer does not have a stern rudder nor does the 40 footer. The 40 footer has a completely different stern configuration .

    Plus your 40 footer does not have the boom attaching to the mast.

    Looks a good design with the added features.


  3. Kurt, we saw a 40′ Tri of yours in the Azores on a recent delivery. Very similar to this. Couple on board on way back to Europe from their 2’nd trip to the Carribbean. Cheers.

    1. thanks. what a nice video. I had not seen before. it is Lance’s 37 tri that I designed back in ’86. Before CADD. Still looks modern to me. Cylinder mold. And it looks like somebody bought a drone doesn’t it?

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