New 44′ Catamaran Design

I have just been given permission to release my new 44′ sailing catamaran design. It was based on my circumnavigating 42′ cat. With lots of improvements. It will be on the website soon. Foam/glass.

2 thoughts on “New 44′ Catamaran Design”

  1. Hello Kurt,

    I visit sometimes your website and blog to see whats going on in your office. My intersts are small trimarans and thats what Iam looking for.
    To my eyes, your website is outdated (from 2016 noted that your “new” Design catalogue is published) and very confusing. You will find designs under the headline (cruisers) and it’s marks ( Rapid construction and studio.

    Your updates on existing designs and new designs do not find the way from blog to website. Exiting new designs (tri 28, 35, 40racer for example) are lost on site 100 or so in your blog .

    Your chapters are confusing too. Newest design in the New Design is the 63 fron 19???. The red tri is already shipwrecked with a criminal background of drug smuggling suspect.

    Half of your links are not working anymore.

    To be honest: your website needs a complete overhaul.

    Best Regards, Michel

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