2 thoughts on “New 48 Cat”

  1. Hi Kurt – You have drawn submerged reversed bows? This will be extremely wet? Or is the shadow I can see a spray rail? The idea of reversed bows is to have the knuckle above the dynamic waterline so the bow goes over the water not through it or the boat has to be trimmed so the knuckle is up. Called a Davidson or spoon bow. The “pure” reverse bow is more of a fashion? Most of the high performance boats have a small vertical bow like yours then cut away at the top. This originally came from hulls with pear sections up front which when projected fwd lost geometry resulting in the reverse bow. I think the requirement for more up front volume ( to prevent pitching and to get Cp up) and trimming the boat up so the knuckle goes over the water will mean the reverse bow may go back to vertical? Once the fad moves along? From a visual impact point of view it has been very good aesthetically but not good for the sailors taking all that water in their faces!! Cheer Peter S

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