New Bieker Proa

At CSR today I saw this new Bieker proa of maybe 22′?  It is plywood/epoxy which will make Kelsall froth, probably.  Looked like it was 3mm or 4mm thick hull.  Kind of a rounded chine probably.

Odd I thought in two ways.  It has a big bow overhang and the cabin/cockpit is right at the transom.  Designed like it’s a retro unit.   It will surely pitch in waves and will surely drag transom.  Odd.  The upgrade to my power proa will have reverse bows, be of developed ply, and will have lots of hull aft of the cockpit and beams.  Find the teachable moment.



One thought on “New Bieker Proa”

  1. It looks to me like the back half is still to be built like a nesting dingy. interesting thou. looking forward to your new upgraded poa.
    nelson h

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