New Pictures of JD’s 30 cat.

Some new pictures of Jim Dory’s 30′ cat have appeared at

This boat was built and launched near Nome, AK. After it was launched, it was tied up in the harbor. During the night, in a gale, that barge broke loose and came to rest against it. There was damage, as you can see. But try to wrap your mind around how little damage actually occured. It was the fender for a barge during a gale.

JD's 30' cat

2 thoughts on “New Pictures of JD’s 30 cat.”

  1. Yeah Kurt, don’t copycatplaces.. don’t you know?.. 😉

    I’m about to retire I think to a part-time job, maybe this year unless they offer me a better deal. So the boat repair project should start soon. (how long have I been saying this?). Anyway – prepare yourself for a few questions coming from my direction.. hoping to get some updated techniques – details on some things I see you have been working on.. Will pay of course.. cheers, JD

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