New Power Shuttle

25' shuttle cat

This new 25′ x 10′ power cat design has been created for Uganda, and other places. It will be built using the very rapid CM plywood epoxy construction. The flat parts are ply/core/ply sandwich.  15 hp per side will give 20 knots fully loaded. It could also work with a single motor in the middle.
As configured it seats 10.  It could also be arranged for 12 persons. The plan is that I will lead a mass building over there were we build several of them in a few days and video the whole process.

2 thoughts on “New Power Shuttle”

  1. How do I get more info on this model and the 32′ tri passenger design. I am working in Papua New Guinea and are looking at more economical and safer boats than the Yamaha dinghies they run here.
    Paul Cheevers

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