7 thoughts on “New Sails on Muffalo”

  1. That’s sick…It would be awesome to have you onboard…we usually start from the end of April /beginning of May.
    I’ve sailed in manly into a regatta nearby moreton bay, i was on a big cruising catamaran ;)….small world
    Keep in touch if you’re coming back to Italy.
    Ciao 🙂

  2. I keep my KH23 north of Brisbane in a little town called Tin Can Bay. If you are ever in that part of the world, a beer and a sail would go down very well.
    What date does your charter open next year? We were in Sorrento and Capri before Easter this year and were thinking of going further North early next year (before the tourist rush).

  3. Yes I guess so too, but I can ask to my sailmaker if he has special fare to ship all over the world….keep in touch anyway mate I’ve been so many times to the gold coast and we might catch up for a beer…see ya

  4. Hi Simmo
    I live in Brisbane, Australia. I think the freight costs would be a killer otherwise, I would be interested in the dacron and code zero.

  5. Hi Doug, could you be interested in our old sails? We have a blue laminated 21 sqm mainsail used 5 times only, a white dacron 23sqm mainsail used 2 seasons, a brand new light blue code zero used one time only and some more older stuff.
    Let me know if you’re keen.

  6. I am restoring a a KH23 with an 18ft Hobie rig. I have seen the videos of Muffalo and would be grateful for a copy of his mast and sail plan. Happy to pay for the information.
    Doug Watson

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