Non Metallic Plumbing Fittings

Non-Metallic PEX Fittings
Pex piping was one of the discoveries I made on the Lunar Lander  project. It is used in place of PVC especially since it can survive freezing. The plumbers used metal joint fittings, which must be destroyed for the piping  to be revised.

At the IBEX conference I found these non-metal pex clamps. .They can be installed with only pliers instead of a crimping machine that resembles bolt cutters. An improvement on an improvement. Made in Chile.  There, better pic.


6 thoughts on “Non Metallic Plumbing Fittings”

  1. There you go. That’s the ones.
    Also, I’d like to point out that the FlairIt joints don’t require special tools and seem to work pretty well. I first used them on a big refit in 1996, so I guess they have been around a while and seem to hold up pretty well, as that system is still in continuous service.
    These new ones are easier to assemble in tight spaces and we all know that is usually a requirement in boat building.

  2. Kurt I think you are a confused as to the function of those clamps. They are strictly a positioning device to hold the tubing in place along a run of tubing. They do not clamp the tubing to the 90 degree or otherwise connector. That requires a clamping system of considerably more force. Still very useful but in a different purpose.

  3. While I trust word of mouth of actual users over ratings, I do like like some ratings from standards associations for the product. I was looking at the water hoses that go with the clamps and I’m not sure if they are food grade (FDA or other agency). I’m probably at the age when lead pipe would not make much of a difference for me or eating lead paint chips but just in case…

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