Notes on Materials Spreadsheet

The KHSD materials spreadsheet is a very powerful tool to accurately predict what material amounts will be needed in a build. On any design, I query each part of the 3D model for the area of that part, then that is entered into the spreadsheet. I know that the cool kids would build active links between the model and the spreadsheet but I’m not there yet.
This spreadsheet now is the result of years of improvement; hiring licensed naval architects, excel geeks, and just keeping it moving forward. I see even more flexibility and power for it as soon as I get some time. I see extremely complex materials lists linking to another boat parts spreadsheet. When I get time.
A couple of things; I do not count waste in it. I understand that amount to be 20%. I recall that when Sarabi was built, Barry kept accurate records. “your spreadsheet was 20% under” he told me. Yes. You can put a little cell at the end to compute that waste amount.
Along the bottom left center of the spreadsheet are little tabs. They say “master” “plywood”  ”glass lam” “exotic”and  “core”. Click on each one to see the amounts of that type of material. Go ahead and try it. I do often get asked where the other materials are. Try the different tabs.
Not all the tabs apply to you. But they are usually full. I have gotten angry calls demanding to know what all that damn wood is doing on their composite design. Just use the tabs that apply. I have sometimes stripped out the tabs that don’t apply, but that is a mistake. Even after more than 30 years, CM boats are as popular as they ever were. If the plywood is stripped out of a spreadsheet for example, and later needed, it would take hours to replace all of it. So don’t freak out. Just use the tabs that apply to you.
A powerful spreadsheet like this can get a damaged cell just by surfing around on it. A damaged cell can lie to you with authority. Check that regularly. To check for damage, go to any summary cell and right click. It will list the cells that contribute to it and color light all of them up the spreadsheet. If anything looks funny, check it that way.


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