Oops, Lost One More Day.

Yesterday, Monday, I was going to dive into the work for everybody. As soon as I got up I got a text informing me that my lunar lander dwelling had been engulfed in a wild fire overnight, but was probably OK. I had to speed over and see what was damaged.
I was amazed. It was fine. We did learn that epoxy is self extinguishing in tests for the USCG, but I didn’t really want to test it.
Am here in office working all month.

2 thoughts on “Oops, Lost One More Day.”

  1. Kurt I’ve just seen your Lunar lander featured in New Atlas – glad it’s okay. N-A suggested you might be selling the plans for this concept.

    I’d be interested to know a bit more – I think it could go well here in Australia 🙂

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