Palmer Johnson Trimaran

I see that Palmer Johnson has a new trimaran mega-yacht. It is 48 meters long. The 1% must be doing very well; it’s all carbon fiber. The design looks very post modern multihull: like Mike Schacht work, to the third power. The amas are just vestiges though; they could not support anything. However, as the guys from NAVSEA once reminded me, those amas could diffuse the thermal signature, protecting it from heat seeking missiles.  It really is just a typical portly mega-yacht, albeit in carbon, with amas pasted on.

2 thoughts on “Palmer Johnson Trimaran”

  1. Hi Kurt.

    What a joke compared to the concept we worked on with Mike Schact. Actually John Suttleworth has come closest to carrying out the ideas we had fifteen years ago, with perhaps even sexier styling.

    ps. “Neptune’s Car” that I saw in Bequia a number of years ago is still my all time favorite bridge deck catamaran. And she is for sale again. Any readers out there who want me to run the sexiest open deck cat in the Caribbean for them? (LOL)

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