I came across some pictures of a design that I did back in late 80s or early 90s. It is a 40′ cat that I understand is seen often in Mexico. Pantera was the first project where, at Bob Smith’s urging, I combined the hull deck into the hull lines as one entity. That took Prolines software to its limit of chords and made the section lines a bit chunky, but it was a big step forward.  And Prolines also upgraded as a result.
Bob convinced me that he was starving boatscum so real construction drawings were never budgeted.  It was strictly freehand work except for the lines.  Even the laminate design.  I learned later he is very comfortable.  So the only plans are on flimsey paper, if I still have them.

Foam/glass construction.







One thought on “Pantera”

  1. Hi Kurt,
    I’ve gotten to sail quite a lot with Bob and Pantera. Sadly, if Bob wasn’t broke in the mid 90’s when he built Pantera, he is now.
    Pantera is a thoroughbred race horse running on three legs. It is sad to see such an amazing boat kept up so poorly. That said, even with nasty old sails, inches of growth on the bottom, a single outboard that never works, and paint fading faster than congress’ approval ratings, Pantera is still a formidable cat. Until, of course she lines up with modern high HP cats like the SIG 45 like I saw two years ago in Banderas Bay. Bob (also VERY competitive) had to drop out of the race after day one, when he realized just how bad a shape Pantera is in…
    If the money was there, Pantera (@ nearly 20 years old) would be right up there with any of the HP modern day cats!

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