Plans Prices Increase.

The plans price increase is slated for the June 1. If I can get the lot updated. And they have remained the same for a long time.
I have been learning there is more to it than simply more money. My original idea was to be able to offer top level design a prices the average guy could afford.  It seems that has been a mistake on many levels.  Many people have concluded that the plans must be defective if they are so low cost.  If  plans cost more, they must be better. 

The low stock plans price has perhaps hurt the more important design function.  People have reacted angrily that a new custom design costs more than a stock plan.  I end up spending too much time explaining these things.

Paypal advised me that I have to expect to have people scam me, and I should just factor it in.

And maybe the idea of trying to get rigorous design available at a price the average guy can afford is foolish.  Even my increase will not be as high as the other guys.  I got this a few years back but I’m sure it’s still true.

From a customer in South Africa whose name escapes me now.  “In the US you can buy a MacDonald’s hamburger for around $1.50. In SouthAfrica, the same MacDonald’s hamburger will cost me about R 4.00. However,if I import the USA MacDonald’s hamburger – it will cost me R 15-00 (with out import duties, taxes or delivery fees.) Your prices after doing the currency exchange rate is still cheaper than what even local designers charge. 

Jeff Schionning, Australia gave me a price to design almost 3 x your asking price.

Chris White’s price was about 2.2 x your price. 

Melvin Morrelli was almost 5 x your price. 

Nic Bailey came in at a huge 11 x your asking price. 

Alexander Simonis was a little less than 3 x your price. 

Tony Grainger was about 4 times your price.”

4 thoughts on “Plans Prices Increase.”

  1. Agreed – go for it. You need to factor in chargeback risk not only with Paypal but any other processor too. It is always there!

    The best thing you can do to help the “average person” afford your boats is to keep blogging the way you’ve been doing. That helps the person who can’t afford to spend ANYTHING on plans for free. And it helps the person who can afford to buy plans to decide whether or not they want/need a stock set or a custom design, and what the value might be of a custom design. Again.. for free.

    I think any sane person can tell that custom plans should cost a fair bit more than stock.

    And basic economics dictates that you can attempt to keep your plan cost down for the average person to afford them while not being a multiplier less than the competition. Since after all, your costs (time, office space, computers etc) are going to be about the same as all your competition!

  2. Go for it. If you were to double the plans cost of a generic 40′ cat it would only be two or three percent of a well finished boat. Low wages are a race to the bottom for us 99 percenters. Not very many average guys left that have the knowledge, the space, the tools, the skill, the time, the money and the desire.

  3. Kurt,
    I don’t know why people should be upset that a custom design costs more than a stock plan, the reason is so obvious. Buy a plan off the shelf to build a house, the cost is relatively low, but have one designed and the cost is 3-4- 10 times more depending on the complexity and customers understand that. So why wouldn’t the same apply to your designs ????
    And Paypal what a lame piece of crap answer that was and irresponsible !!!!

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