Plans Update

There has never been so many plans orders so soon from the Holiday Discount. I am going as fast as I can to get them out. Most have been printed already, but I am looking to see if any pages need updating or replacing.
I am going to try one new thing as all the orders are from overseas. Airmail post has become even slower than before. I sent a DVD to customer in Canada in early December by air. Tracking it I see that it took 10 days to get from Seattle to LA. It left LA for Canada on Dec. 22nd and is still not there. Courier like Fedex is crazy expensive. Something like $150 just for the DVD. The Construction Manuals are too large to really email. Tomorrow I want to try to create some smaller versions of them and see how small they can become. Then I can email them to everybody and save a lot of grief. Sets me back another day though,  so please bear with me. I did work through the holidays and will keep on trying to get everything out as quickly as I can.

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