Plate Expansion Program

Does anyone have a suggestion on a plates expansion program that they trust? I have used Vacanti’s B-Plates for many years, but it seems Dave has given up on supporting it. It was always cranky but worked. Until now.  Both Microstation and Rhino proport to do that but I don’t trust them yet.

One thought on “Plate Expansion Program”

  1. I would not trust any computer program to much. The algorithms and equations are tailored to fit the computer system, not equation models and in no way real life. Some iterations can run “forever” (days). The best computer programs are the ones that have an extensive database of real life tested models and than issue a prediction for your changes. I did years of assembly (low level programs that fried my brains).

    I would see what successful similar proven shape is out there and than ask for the software that they use for modeling and changes. Otherwise it takes years.

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