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It looks like I will be on ProBoat radio again tomorrow morning. The topic will be my attempt to use boatbuilding technologies on land buildings. Turns out the Codes are apparently intended to keep anything new and different from even starting, or a

t least starting easily. See
The Lunar Lander Project
Tuesday, June 19, 2012 @ 11:30 a.m. EASTERN
“Multihull designer Kurt Hughes (Seattle, Washington) joins us to share lessons learned from his “Lunar Lander” project. “The mission,” he says, “is to build a line of habitable space landers providing creature comforts with low impact on the land and high amazement factor.”

Inside the lander, there is open space, with external modules for bath, galley, breakfast nook and storage. On top is a clear geodesic dome with queen size berth under it. The dome is suspended by carbon fiber tensors so the light can stream in down all around the berth.

Hughes will share the rest of the details of this project with us, and we’ll also discuss what the building industry might have to learn from boatbuilders, and the ways in which this project has become an education for Hughes.”

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