Retired Climbing Ropes

The January issue of Practical Sailor had an article suitable for a few lines in Post-Apocalyptic Boatbuilding.
It notes that retired climbing ropes (they call them ropes) usually have very little UV damage or wear.  And are retired early and often.  While they stretch a bit more than our top low stretch lines, they have many uses where stretch is expected or even useful.

This gets you a peek.

There are 5 different kinds of ropes, but I gather that single dynamic are what we want.

3 thoughts on “Retired Climbing Ropes”

  1. I’ve used ex indoor climbing gym dynamic (stretchy) ropes for an anchor bridle snubber for years. It is very stretchy and does provide a bungee jumping sort of experience in very strong wind gusts. But I do think it reduces shock loads on the anchor.10mm rope on a 7 ton, 40 ft cat.

    Evans Starzinger, a very experienced cruiser uses them for this use and for Traveller control lines to reduce shock loading for accidental gybes.

  2. The knots are different and heavier for climbing. In a jam you can use hardware store rope. Had an x climber on board and used some climbing gear for minor things. I firmly believe that when in doubt Aviation Grade does the best job.

  3. Being an ex climber I agree with this comment but I think for sailing purposes static lines would be much better than dynamic lines. Mooring lines would be good using dynamic due to the high stretch they have. Peter

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