Reusable Epoxy Tools

Its not that important in saving money boatbuilding, but its not nothing. Do you toss the mixing pots and spreaders or clean them? I clean them, as I need to save money. (I’m practically giving the plans away according to my accountant).   Couple tips I found.

If you keep the stir stick in the mixing pot, it makes a great tool to pull most of the most difficult epoxy out.

leave the stick in the pot


pull the clump of epoxy out to clean most of the pot


And spreaders can be more easily cleaned if they have mold release wax put on first and buffed.  And the sharp edges cannot be sanded usefully, but a plane or planer will leave crisp edge.

3 thoughts on “Reusable Epoxy Tools”

  1. You can get even more mileage using entirely different containers. The cheap Glad food storage containers with the blue lid, found in Walmart, are made from extremely flimsy plastic… just perfect to give a little squeeze and out pops the cured epoxy. I get 15 or 20 uses out of one and spend under a minute making it perfectly clean. Costs much less than the paint mix cups too. Only use the cups in this post to measure resin and hardener. Dump and mix in the cheaper Glad containers.

  2. Trick # 2
    Take your air nozzle— the nice one with a rubber tip that you saved from before the safety police outlawed them— and blow out the remnants of epoxy. I’ve pots that are going on 20 uses.

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