Sarabi Update

I finally found out some things about the Sarabi mast issue. Some things.  Offshore Spars got the new mast job.

I guess Ted van Dusen didn’t get the job.  I see that it was the first unstayed aerorig for them.  Ted has designed and built dozens or maybe hundreds of unstayed masts.  And the SoCal insurance company picked local M & M to design the replacement mast.



2 thoughts on “Sarabi Update”

  1. It amazes me that they would contract an outside company to consult on a design that the original designer was still in business on. (If that makes sense). I frequent another website that specializes in a type of engine found in class 8 trucks (semi trucks) and how to make them more efficient. The founder of that site has been attacked and harassed for his views and opinions, All I see him doing is trying to help others with similar problems he faced. He is opinionated and has a hot sauce personality. He backs his opinions with well drawn out arguments and personal experiences. He has used his personal truck as a test bed for all of what he talks about, making YouTube videos to help others. I have noticed that you also have been attacked personally on other websites, as well as the building techniques and designs you propose.

    It is a shame that people will use others ideas and designs and praise it on one hand using it every day for their enjoyment, but as soon as a problem arises with one aspect of that design that was not built to the specs of the original plans they throughout the whole designer as a failure and go with others because they have a famous name in another similar sector.

    Just my 2cent rant for the day.


    1. Forespar did both design and build the original mast. I would have chosen Ted van Dusen for both based on his extensive experience. Funny story about this sort of thing. When Profligate (khsd63′ cat) was new, I recall it was the insurance company wanted a gold plate NA firm to review the design; my design. The selected NA firm knew nothing about catamarans so they retained me to review the design for them. I recall their fee was some $30K and mine was about a tenth of that.

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