Sarabi Update

wow wow wow.

I just got a call from Forespar about the Sarabi unstayed mast. It always seemed improbable to me that the Aero mast would fall down.  After talking to Forespar,  it is full-on bizzare.

I imagined maybe they forgot to reef in a gale or something, like they went full-on Rainmaker.  No.  Turns out they were motoring with no sail up when it broke.  Way past not possible.

I’m starting to think my lightning theory might be it.  How else do you explain a half inch or three quarter inch carbon walled mast failing under almost no load?   The mast, and boom also I assume, sunk and are gone.  The stub however remains.  I have urged Forespar to get possession of it if possible for forensics.

And I understand that Melvin and Morelli were selected by the insurance company to supervise the repair and installation of the new mast.  Ugh.  They will probably charge more for that service than the whole mast costs.

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2 thoughts on “Sarabi Update”

  1. Hairline fracture that creeped. Bad construction!
    If lightning was the cause there are some burn or UV marks visible.
    Do they check the mast with ultrasoundsound or Xray or any other method (standing waves, etc)? This stuff is not that expensive to check. I remember 30-40 years ago they checked all the welds and materials in important constructions. The world is going mediocre.

    1. I have urged Alan at Forespar to get the stump and have it examined. I was wrong on who engineered and made it. Was not Forespar but aero.

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