Shopping Cart Down for Chrome Users

It seems that the shopping cart is suddenly down for all Chrome users. I have DXCart working on it. It does still work with IE 8.
Doesn’t everbody use Chrome now?

5 days later I see it is not fixed yet and all I get is recording when I call, or robo form when I email.  For now have to use IE.  If not fixed by tomorrow, I have one more big job I see.

6 thoughts on “Shopping Cart Down for Chrome Users”

  1. Yes. I have gotten through to “Tom”. He sounds like a nice guy, but I don’t think he has a clue. He promised me the system would be up on Tuesday evening, or at the latest on Thursday 7 August. It is still down. Many DXCART customers probably don’t even know that their Chrome customers are not able to make purchases. I found out only because one customer informed me. I wish there were a big community site out there where DXCART users could compare notes. Regards. Jimmie

    1. Yes. Unfortunately the new fix includes no order information for PayPal buyers. I have advised him of that. He seemed to have accepted that DXCart would no longer work with Chrome. If the whole shopping cart system were not so difficult to set up, I would be gone. Odd they seem inept and yet trade on the NYSE.

  2. I have been searching for possible problems with my website. Finally ran in to your blog which told me about the problem. I am sure there are a lot of business people out there who do not even know of the problem. It is too bad we can get the word out. Strength in numbers sort of thing. Thanks. Jimmie

    1. thank you too. I agree. I did finally get someone. I think it was the CEO, Tom Popovic. Thats either good or really bad. He wanted me to help with testing. (?) in case you want to motivate him. Did Chrome just make a big change in security maybe? I see the CEO is Zoran Popovic.

  3. I use IE. However, a lot of my customers use Chrome. DXCART being down for all Chrome users is killing my business. I call DXCART, but no one is ever there from the tech shop. I get an answering service that says they will pass my message. Have you gotten any response yet?

    1. Yeow! All I get it a recording also. Maybe time to bail out. That will be a pain to set up everything new. Thanks for your experience too.


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