Shopping Cart Hiccups

Over the last several days the shopping cart has tossed a few people out with an error message. But oddly, at the same time some people are able to use it.  Ok those are the Paypal users.  Looks like Paypal is it until I can sort out
Webmaster checked our end and is fine. I contacted DX Cart the cart provider, and they noticed problems with Said they would get back to me, last week. Not a word back. I will make more calls tomorrow.
Hit me with a call or email if it happens to you. And I do have a working cell phone now. Kind of. Many features not yet there.

One thought on “Shopping Cart Hiccups”

  1. KH Designs Under Way Now
    26′ Pocket Cruising Catamaram

    Premlimanary dimensions setting on trailer for towing.

    I don’t see how this is possible with even a 10′ beam. Hulls would have to be very narrow with a very shallow height.

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