I got to use System 3’s Silverthane polyurethane sealant this weekend, in place of 5200.
It is a 2 part product so that seems to solve my two main complaints about 5200; that my $17 tube hardened in just a few weeks, and after seems like days, the part I sealed was still wet.
I lose 5200 tubes after they opened even though I try to seal them up.
The two part poly self-mixes in a special nozzle. I’m guessing each use ruins the nozzle, so get several if you work like I do, with several small jobs. And my job was functionally cured the next morning, which was the soonest I tried it.

Only comes in white at this time.  So I still have to bear with 5200 for black jobs.

2 thoughts on “Silverthane”

  1. Hey Kurt,
    1- Clean the plastic end of the 5200 really well with a paper towel.
    2- Cut off the little finger end of a surgical glove and tape it on leaving no gaps.
    3- Use the rest of the glove to seal and tape the plunger end.

    Come back months later and you’ll still have 5200!

    1. I always do that but I never get even a month. I also wrap in a bag plus the glove finger.
      The silverthane is supposed to set up in 4 hours.

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