Study Plans Price Must Go Up

Study plans have always cost more in printing, post cost and time than they bring in. Its no surprise that printing and postage costs have increased sharply.
Now however about half of all study plans sent out require specialized help. The credit card might not work. A package labeled to Austria goes to Australia. A package is not delivered and I must track it down for the customer.
It turns out that I am spending almost all my time now doing special work for what should be simple orders. I really need a full time mailing person, but the economics don’t allow it.
Sometime around the first of the year, I will try and fix that. I’m busy all the time and not getting any design work done.

3 thoughts on “Study Plans Price Must Go Up”

  1. I would have thought this would be internal operational issues and not for public knowledge as a professional business.


  2. Kurt,- I have a collection of multihull study prints, including a number of sets of yours. If I may make a suggestion, to keep the costs down maybe you could look at cutting down on the number of drawings and the size of them you provide for SP’s. SP’s need a scale sail plan, interior plan and section, some construction details and a materials list. Plan sheets don’t need to be too big A2 is plenty. Or go completely digital and save the printing and postage altogether.

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