Stuff Done Wrong

Clearly I am not intervening quickly enough to prevent this kind of mistake.  It’s a Fontaine-Pajot Maryland 37 Trawler.  It is intended for displacement speeds.  Top speed is reported to be 15 knots with 140 HP per side.  It is not only dragging transom, but a huge transom.  I don’t know but it sure looks like a cat designed by single hull designers.   Even a heavy powercat of the same size but correct hulls should do 20 knots with about 80 hp per side.  I tried to make an intervention, but clearly am not famous enough. 

ABACO - wp_20140502_001


2 thoughts on “Stuff Done Wrong”

  1. The incompetent, in their endeavor to justify their incompetence, often resort to accusing those who point out their incompetence, of resisting change, as if their steadfast incompetence were the way forward.

  2. Those who try and the change world, will always find themselves doing battle with those who resist change, thus acceptance of change moves verrry slooowly…………………

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