I was introduced to the surveyor. The surveyor, Matt asked if I knew his father, Robert Harris? Robert Harris wrote Racing Cruising and Trimarans, the book that got me started in this. Robert also helped me with a deadbeat customer and the courts once. Yes! What a great surprise. Great surveyor too. Matt Harris.


And the book.  I need to take a better pic than I found online.


2 thoughts on “Surveyor”

  1. I got a signed copy for Christmas. Great history of early designs and designers. I think it’s time for Kurt to write one. ” Modern Trimaran Design Choices” What do you say Kurt?

  2. Sometimes it’s nice to see that it’s a small world afterall. Circumstances and inspiration always seems to come full circle eventually. Thanks for sharing the story Kurt. I’ve had similar things happen and it always makes for good stories and lasting friendships.

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