Talking to Corporate at Spacebags

I see a lot of use for Spacebags that are larger. They are so cool when they work. I did 4 baggings in two days in weather just above freezing over the weekend. I ran the vacuum maybe 3 minutes total.
The largest bag made now is 3’ x 4’. I contacted customer service at Spacebags to see if I could talk to development about bigger bags. NO!

Unless I have a patent on one (?), they are not in any way interested. Why would I patent one? I just want a bigger bag. I guess it comes with corporate size, but it is always interesting to see full-on corporate ossification. They don’t even want to discuss another size product or new use.


4 thoughts on “Talking to Corporate at Spacebags”

  1. I have 8 mil poly sheet on a roll and use window caulk rope for sealant. Home Depot Boat Building Material!

  2. Kurt,

    Whenever I need BIG vac bags I make them myself. I cut a 6″ x 6″ vavle out of a spacebag and tape it onto a large sheet of plastic. Seal the edges and suck it down with the shopvac. Works great. and because Im working with sheet plastic I don’t have to fight the part into the bag.


    1. thats what I plan to try. 4 mil polytarp? does it keep vacuum without the pump running? I expect to use 5200 on sides and silicone at the opening with a new shot every bagging. Any tips?

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