The New 35 Tri

I finally got a chance to model this on that I have been looking forward to doing since before thanksgiving.
No windows nor cockpit are cut into the model yet until I verify the interior and weight/trim study. It will probably be built with vertical bows, but I hope not. Main hull not more than 84″ wide.
Displacement is 4217 l bs. It takes 5 HP to go hull speed of 8 knots.





5 thoughts on “The New 35 Tri”

  1. Hi Kurt,
    Did you finish the plans for the new 35 trip and did it keep the reverse bows as this is such a beautiful looking true. Can it be built to be demountable.

  2. Kurt:
    Nice looking boat, smooth organic shape and very modern looking. Will the 23′ tri get the same treatment? You have already done a great job updating the 19′ in your line and hope those same curvaceous forms will appear on the 23′ model. The 23′ day sailer is on my radar to purchase the updated version from you & building in the near future. Keep up the great work.

    Tom Edwards

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