Thinner Cabinet Foam-Half Inch Foam

I was at Uresco, the Owens-Corning distributor, today and saw a product that I have not seen before. That is half inch thick pink foam. I have advocated using the 1” pink foam for lightweight cabinets but wished it could be thinner. Here it is. Its the best choice that I can think of for lightweight shelves and cabinets. Surely it is as light or lighter than Tricel core, and much less cost. Also, the edges are much easier to finish. Vacuum bag thin plywood or even fiberglass onto the faces. The result is shelves for example weighing only ounces. That is one inch foam on the lower half of the load below.


One thought on “Thinner Cabinet Foam-Half Inch Foam”

  1. This is interesting, i had looked at 1″ foam bending capabilities , to see if it would follow Lexan panels. This can make interesting laminates with epoxied layers for rounded shapes for roofs etc. A.Conditionning and heating (heat pumps) units are now one of the first obligations for creature comforts. Cats being used more often as the “log cabin” on water . I have seen Roxul 1/2 ” panels to be laminated to a membrane. For example one can see a possible composite panel having Roxul for fire resistance (it survives water ) and acoustics. , and these thin foams. I will look at thier densities, certainly no cat can sink with those … we have been using foam pontoons for years laminated with plywood and epoxy. We use them for our dock installations.

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