Unexpected Sarabi Picture

I was looking for Kevin’s Face page to send some lines drawings to while travelling. I stumbled onto this picture of my 56 aero rig catamaran design Sarabi taken by a friend of Kevin’s, in Sidney, AU. ¬†Funny story. In this cat’s design phase, Philbrook was so impressed with Kevin’s hulls I designed, that he wanted some just like them but bigger. Good stuff.


2 thoughts on “Unexpected Sarabi Picture”

  1. Hey Kurt;

    I’d forgot all about the Aerorig, but seeing it on Sarabi makes me think that it might be a good solution for cat2 fold, who was having troubles getting enough area up in light winds to drive the boat . Remind me to ask you how it performs when we talk about the rudder layup.



    1. true, but part of C2F design brief was that masts had to be able to be inserted by one slightly elderly person. Aero or any bigger mast would be heavier. Though I suspect Brian could lift a larger mast than most people.

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