Update On the Mosquito Fleet Catamarans

I have a meeting with Peter Philips of Pacific Maritime magazine about this next onth,

Hi Peter,

I do have a Lake Chelan ferry.  See pictures.

Most of my boats are in Hawaii.  The Holo Holo, Kai Oli Oli and Alii Nui are warm weather boats that ferry a large number of passengers.  I want to take what I know and apply it to the Puget Sound.



The difference is that I come from a sailing background.  We are familiar with easily driven hulls, and weight saving is critical.

Almost all the passenger ferries that I see are by designers with a powerboat background.  They just pile on more horsepower to make up for not being easily driven.

I have been designing catamarans for 35 years.  With the help of congressman John Miller, I got the USCG to adopt a particular design rule to design catamarans to.

I appreciate your interest.

Kurt Hughes

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