I got back from out of country to a truckload of rush projects. This blog fell behind.
Besides getting autocad files of hull lines to Owen, a new 50′ ferry for Lake Chelan in Washington here, a 79′ charter cat in Mexico, finishing up the new 79′ Sierra Cloud for Lake Tahoe, a new wingmast design, more on the 45 cat, and several little ones.

I did see that the heavily marketed Rapido 60 trimaran was only in the middle of the E-glass fleet in the ARC race when it lost it’s mast. I understand that no other masts were lost.
I also saw that Russell Brown took great exception on SA to my doing commentary on designs.
There should be some quiet here during the holidays where I can catch up.
Also, I keep the hot shot workstation off of the net. Just to be sure. My web machine is an ancient Pent4 using XP. Anymore it slams up to 100% CPU use as soon as I turn it on, and stays there. Everything is a big hourglass.
Nothing I’ve tried is able to cure that. It seems the antivirus software takes most of the bandwidth. So I bought a new computer. The handoff of programs, database, email and varous peripherals may or may not be seamless.  I will try.

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