Whale Watching Capsize Thoughts

Everybody remembers the whale watching boat that sank and capsized late last October off of Vancouver Island. 5 dead and one missing.
It did occur to me that there was a catamaran of about the same size that got unexpected seawater ingress this year also.
If that alum mono whale tour boat had been the same length Holo Holo, those dead passengers would still be alive. I ran this premise past a former captain of the Holo.  He agreed.
The latest thinking is that the tin mono had too many people on the top deck and that made it roll over in a bigish wave. On a cat like Holo the entire passenger list could have gone on one rail and not affected anything.
I am wondering what kind of irrational hoops the USCG will hit my guys with now.  Lower picture is Holo with seawater flowing in and out after it was stolen and run onto a reef.  I have pictures of the repair process and will post soon.



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  1. Any comercial enterprise has a decision matrix based on money. I’m sure business will continue to be as expected and based on external factors such as the Central Bank policy. They were insured and the lifes will be paid with money. Sad but true!

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