Why Even Try

I should probably bag it and get a job at Elliot Bay Design. Design office is already is lucky to get to zero every month and have more work than I can possibly do. Then this. Paypal came back and took full plans funds from last year away from me. One fellow from Greece bought plans for a foam/glass powercat last year. He decided he wanted to build it from timber. I told him was unwise for high speed powercat but he could do what he wants. He later demanded that I revise the entire planset to meet his requirements at no cost to him. I told him that would be bad practice. He got Paypal to give him all his money back. So he has the plans and paid nothing. I am wiped out here. Some 6 jobs say they will start soon, but not yet. Maybe time to get a real job. There is really no defense aginst thieves. If anyone comments that is unprofesssional to share this; too bad. It affects everything else in the office. Look where being professional has gotten me. I will have to re-appraise this for a while.

Already reeling from a sudden rash of people demanding more than 60% stock plans price discounts or the project will not go forward.  Where does this come from?  Do I over charge already?

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  1. I also say ditch PayPal. That and eBay are not what they used to be. Look into using Square or some other instant payment system. All overseas payments should be wire transfer only.

    And raise the price of your plans a bit to get rid of people who do not value them, but just see them as the cheapest multihull plans. Guys like this, doing the boat the cheapest way possible, sacrificing quality, are not people with projects you want your name on anyway. Time to get tough with deadbeats.

  2. Honest and open… the Kurt I know and love! What more could your clientele want to hear – that is, the clients you would value. OC & Charly comments above sound helpful.
    Must say I swore when I read your post above, reminding me of the NZ Small Claims Court bizzo I helped you with, what was it – 10 years ago..?
    All I can think of right now is, time to move your ‘office’ into your garden shed, mate, you can be just as professional there these days.
    You can strip this part off, but hope the family is fine, and you don’t have anyone close to you affected by the Snohomish slip I’ve just been hearing about…
    Cheers, (kiwi) Chris.

  3. Time to ditch PayPal Kurt. It is obviously not suitable for the sale of individually tailored and (relatively) expensive copyrighted material, if people can get refunds so easily, without some consultation with the vendor prior.

  4. Kurt, as I see it, the only way to protect yourself from thieves and unscrupulous business people is to go with payment by bank drafts only and as soon as the funds have arrived, move them to another safe account, leaving basically nothing at all times in the first account.
    Also, yes looking at other designers prices, yours are low. I have also read about other designers being ripped off, so protect yourself, cash in hand only, with no possibility of reversal. Payment first and then work, if a client wont do that, then you don’t need them !!!!

  5. “Sail, sail, sail away, and leave those thieving greedy bastards behind.
    Just walk off the job, get your head out of the fog,
    and never have a bad thought on your mind.”

  6. I have no experience with PayPal, but have appealed to American express before and had judgements reversed. It is worth a try anyway. I feel your pain. It IS unprofessional BTW. IMHO.

    1. Important information as everybody has a deadline and I’m wiped out and having to scramble on new jobs to cover the funds seized instead of finishing what I have.

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