Ziploc Spacebag

Interesting idea came this weekend. Noticing that people using these Spacebags keep clothing vacuum sealed for days or weeks.
I wonder if a small part could be vacuumed and sealed, then the vacuum, or compressor in my case, could be shut off.

At the very least it is a clean bagging solution.
I will be trying it.spacebagg

4 thoughts on “Ziploc Spacebag”

  1. Kurt,
    My wife is adding some input into my 60 ft catamaran project, she wants to reduce space for more clothing … a walk-in with 2 double rows 5ft long poles (ie total 20 ft …) is a bit tight for her “stuff”. She is using this space bag , now she understand what i am talking about vacuum bagging strength. It makes small stuff heavy … and some ironning is to be forecasted.
    It seems to keep the vacuum, i bet it will fog inside with temperature variations cold to hot and humid. Likely the no fog pvc films used in greenhouses could solve that potential problem.
    But the principle has potential for food storage … story to follow.
    If only i could vaccum bag my okoume plywood from china, it would reduce the container … hahaha

  2. Kurt,

    I tried something like this with a similar bag. If there are no sharp edges, it is tough enough not to be punctured, and will hold a vacuum. However, the problem is that the plastic doesn’t stretch like bagging film, and since it is one piece, you cannot use gathers at the edge to provide extra plastic. So it will not conform to indentations in the part. It will not apply pressure to laminate at inside corners, for example. It should work for flat pieces, though.


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