Different kind of foiling

I just got this picture of Joel’s stretched 37 cruising cat being built up at Betts’ shop.  The plug is covered with aluminum foil prior to applying mold release and laminating inner face. I have not seen this before.  Layups should start in a week or so.  I want to see this.bettshullfoilg


Sorry, have had my head down with an avalanche of deadlines and new projects.

: Adapting 75′ hull mold to 85′ hulls,  new 62′ power cat,  new 39′ power ferry,  finishing 32′ power trimaran plans,  almost done with the 75′ cruising cat, and getting that 27′ demountable cat done.  Plus a maybe 79′ charter cat new design.  All in hurry.

Then I noticed it went dark for a bit as there was some issue with the credit card.
I do have a raft of pictures and topics and will try to have at least one every day that I’m in the office.