Different kind of foiling

I just got this picture of Joel’s stretched 37 cruising cat being built up at Betts’ shop.  The plug is covered with aluminum foil prior to applying mold release and laminating inner face. I have not seen this before.  Layups should start in a week or so.  I want to see this.bettshullfoilg

4 thoughts on “Different kind of foiling”

  1. Never done this approach, but I’ve always thought about using it for a one-off. The key is that you can use something cheap and easy to sand for fairing the plug— like drywall plaster! The foil is impervious to epoxy resin, and plenty smooth enough for the inner skin.

  2. I heard about shrink wrap. It was used for full molds for better estetics and less sanding. It is a trial and error things because it is dependent on the distance between “imovable” points (hard planes). Depends a lot on the curvature (convex only). It was praised for smaller parts like car hoods. Again this is hearsay from other blogs!

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