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IBEX 2013

I don’t really have time for it as my epoxy season is running out, but I signed up for IBEX a while ago, so there I am next week.
Three things. Anything anyone thinks I should look at?
Next, I will be out of the office that week so the retail sales are dark then. You can only get the things once I get back.
Finally, if anyone wants to meet there about any projects, you can call or text me at 206-719-4893 during the show.

Triage Time

My lunar lander epoxy project has just over a month until the winter rains curtain drops.  Dropped  until next spring. It is all being done on site outdoors.

I will be away a lot this month.  Oddly enough a lot of the work coming to me now has vicious time demand with it. I really appreciate the people giving me some time and will make it worth your while.

Fiberglass Shakeout

Big changes are going on in fiberglass suppliers.
I found prepackaged bits of 4 oz glass at Fisheries Supply. No price but I guessed it couldn’t be too bad. Wrong. It was list at $10/yard (50″) . That is triple what I got it for at Fiberlay and just double with the Fisheries discount.
A fellow there said Fisheries doesn’t want to handle fiberglass anymore. Something about hurting his back.

More Shopping Cart Problems

I just got word that with Firefox, well, “The dxcart used for transactions on your website appears as
untrusted for security certificate (Firefox).” and “(try to purchase yourself using Firefox and you will
not get to PayPal) ”
People, the site is safe. I have informed tech. Maybe it will take them another week to fix this also.