38 Power Trawler

I finally got my first pictures of the actual KHSD 38 power trimaran trawler completed.  It is for sale for a crazy low price. Construction looks great. The amas look way too small to me. In the design, they go up to the underside of the cross tubes and have rounded deck. An easy fix that one is.  New versions of it have even bigger amas, though friend Steve Scheidler crossed Pacific in about same size boat with same size amas as designed. 

And I had the motors on the sides of the main hull so it could turn in its own length.

Scroll down the page and turn down your speakers. I could not grab any pictures from it. http://www.pedersonmarinesalesllc.com/


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  1. Ola A year ago I bought the study plans of the KH38 to build here in Brazil. I am seeking interested in forming a group together to build, and thus lower the cost. Ordered photos for Kurt Hughes, but he does not have photos of the KH38. Today, searching the net on trawler trimaram, I came across a picture of your boat. I wish it were possible to send me email more photos of this boat, outside and inside in many details.

  2. Unfortunately it was not to be. I’m kinda middle of the road on government legislation. I made most of my money fighting it. But at the same time, I am glad there are lanes on the road. This buy ended up not happening, and it really hurt. Extremely negative regulatory environment. The main issue was buying a motor vehicle as well as a boat, and then importing all that into Canada. The storm of rules around that was just astonishing. It could have been done, probably particularly by someone less aware of the problems and completely hard nosed.

  3. My eyeballs nearly popped out of my head when I saw that price. If it were anywhere near me I would have purchased it for sure. What is going on in the world when its even possible to sell a boat like this for that sort of price?

  4. Okay – I know next to nothing about sailing or motor-yachting. But it boggles my mind that a boat like that could power itself across the Pacific. How could it possibly carry enough fuel?

    So I went to look up the Tri and I assume this is the one:

    And you conveniently have a fuel range document. Fantastic! It seems that in order to cross the Pacific, squeezing it carefully one would need ~200 gallons of fuel. More for a safety margin I’d guess. Is that a reasonable amount for a boat like this to carry? I have no idea. But I guess it was done so…

    The price seems BEYOND stupid low. SOMEONE BUY THIS PLEASE. I want a sailing multihull, so even at this price I won’t impulse buy. One could seriously motor across the Pacific for $14,500 + improved amas + fuel + a couple of hundred-gallon tanks? (well okay, there are probably $10’s of thousands worth of things I’m missing). Still – Amazing!

    1. I would have bought it. Glad Thomas got it. The difference is the new 4 strokes are so efficient. That does assume flat ocean and no wind as a baseline. And keep the weight off.

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