More 38′ Trimaran Trawler

Everybody else was too late. It looked like deal of the century to me. My friend, and previous KHSD tri builder Thomas Dalzell bought it. It will be updated with more overall beam and new larger X-bow amas for the best ride.


2 thoughts on “More 38′ Trimaran Trawler”

  1. Is posible contact Thomas for buy the boat?

    May be he wont re-sale the boat and let me the ship for a big aventura in the Amazon river.


  2. All roads lead ultimately to Kurt!

    I am now at 84 feet of KHSD waterline built, and just having bought another 78 feet. That is 162 feet of KHSD hulls in the fleet, or 324 feet of KHSD waterfront property! With the X-bows, the tally can only increase.

    I may be the only KHSD owner builder with both a power and sail multihull?

    So far, my total cost of acquisition/build on two fully outfitted boats and two trailers is 20K. As they say, a boat is a hole in the water you throw money into. 🙂

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