40′ Dive Cat

About a year and a half ago I did this simple, flat panel dive cat. I don’t think I had time to post it back then. Or if I did, I have tightened up the design since then. It was designed for inboards with the hull melding into a skeg. The design brief changed to outboards. They may be in production now. Foam/glass flat panel.  A variety of house cabins are possible.

Loa     42′-8″     13m

Boa     18′-5″     5.64m

Disp     15,070 lbs.     6835 kg.

Draft     1′-8″    0.5m

100 hp per side for 20 knots at above displacement.

14 thoughts on “40′ Dive Cat”

  1. Love it, lends itsself as a disabled accessible dive boat This opens it up to larger market to get on the water enjoy, add electric hybrid drive now you have an Eco friendly charter vessel that allows you in areas were non combustible engines only enter .

  2. Looks like it could be made to be demountable. What are the hull beams at their widest breadth? Bridgedeck betweem two hulls could be 8′-6″ in beam. Two 4′-3″ wide hulls with a 8”6″ bridge deck yields a 17′-0″ beam. That trailers legally in the U.S. Just thinking out loud.

    Are you making any progress on your new 26′ Pocket Cruiser Power Cat design? Hulls and cabin can’t have much height with a 13′-6″ beam slanted on a trailer. Do your design magic Kurt. That design has me interested.

    1. It could be demountable. Each hull is 4′-2″ wide.
      what is the 26 pocket cruiser powercat? did I do one while on cold meds? throw me a link.

  3. Yes, you did post this design earlier on Kurt. I was patiently waiting for an update. Is there a study plan/materials list available yet? I like the move to outboards too, so much easier for the home builder. I could see this been used as a economical fast ferry for here in Papua New Guinea.

    1. study plan is available. it is not online yet though. One could hit me with any study order then email me what you want. I do all the sending myself; no bot.

  4. What are rest of numbers:
    LOA: 40
    Draft (loaded with motors down):
    Bridgedeck Clearance:
    Prismatic Coefficient:
    Outboard HP:

  5. I dislike typing on cell phones. Always typos like “tool”instead of “too”, and “dedign” instead of “design” and then there is that darn autocorrect.


  6. I would add a larger cabin on it and make it a coastal cruiser. Looks like easy construction. Maybe could be done in marine ply tool. I guess I missed the dimensions and displacement on this nice dedign. I like simple.


      1. I just assume that any wood on a boat going into any water will have either epoxy paint or glass and epoxy plus paint on it otherwise the wood will not hold up. I’ve seen boats out of the water on trailers and/or stands for a season with no effective rain barrier including paint and or epoxy/glass/paint on them turned into wood that wouldn’t even qualify as firewood. Not pretty!

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