Amilee Transom

Nice little shot of John Jacques expanded 37 trimaran transom. Says he modeled it on my 72′-75′-79′ trimaran design transom. (customer took me through complete revisions to each length before skipping out) So I can finally see what the 79 might have looked like if I squint.  Lots of nice detailing.

3 thoughts on “Amilee Transom”

  1. Hello-
    Have you given some thought to how best integrate solar panels into your trimaran designs? I can’t be the only one who’s gotten on in age to a point my list of basic needs is a bit longer than it used to be.


    1. trimarans are a little more difficult than catamarans as the house is usually smaller. Sumo has them on the beams which seems to work well, but that doesn’t have the area of a housecabin roof. I got your stuff in the mail today. Should arrive Saturday.

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