IBEX 2017

Is everybody going to IBEX this September 19-21?
Nothing has jumped out at me as something I need to know more about.  Though Steve D’Antonio or David Gerr or Scott Lewitt or Richard Downs-Honey are always worth the time. And it is on the balmy west coast of Florida now.
Still I get the feeling it is more about chopper-gunned bass boats than what I do.  Am not sure I would learn anything.
I must admit that I am a bit cranky that they were utterly uninterested in my paper on building an R-3 permitted tiny house using entirely composite boatbuilding technology and materials. I always thought interdisciplinary work was intriguing often very important. I guess not.

Let me know if you going and what you expect to see.  Certainly you will miss the eclipse, and maybe a druid ritual or two.

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