Alex’s Unstayed Mast

Its kind of a mini Sarabi.
We just got the bids in on the new carbon fiber unstayed mast for Alex’s KHSD 45 catamaran being built in Blaine, WA. It is what we call an aeroesque mast. Same general idea as the aerorig, but updated.
I’m sure the safety of these masts will make them the future of USCG certified sailing cats. The Coasties just need to see the FEA study to accept them.

aeroesque mast on 45 cat

6 thoughts on “Alex’s Unstayed Mast”

    1. Mick,
      I don’t think there is a retail supplier of these masts anymore. They are custom built. There are maybe 4 or 5 builders who build these now. Each one is engineered for its actual use. Contact me via email if you want to start looking into one.

  1. Speaking of masts… Could you say a bit about the mast-raising systems on the smaller trimarans?

    One of the things that has held me back is concern about how difficult they are to rig – say the 26ft cruising tri or the 30 demountable.

    1. That would be an A frame. The game is to have it do another function when its not mast raising. I need to 3D model one and publish it here so its clear.

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