Updated Window Detail

Not all the sets have this yet, but according to people who use this detail, it supposed to be the best way yet to attach a window to a boat house.  I have a PDF of it also that will be added when I get a chance.  Or I can email it.

window detail

4 thoughts on “Updated Window Detail”

  1. The problem was with a main hatch (right over the v-berth) in a monohull.

    Replacing a cracked lens used silicon to bed the hatch, worked fine for a few weeks to a few months. Then it would seem that because the frame – cast aluminum – moved at such a different amount as it heated and cooled, the silicon would mechanically separate from the either the hatch frame or the hatch lens. Resulting in leaks. (right on my head.)

    I did this 3 times, with various types of silicon, and increased mechanical fastening – until I broke the replacement lens.

    Stikaflex was recommended, but it outrageously expensive.

    The guy who fabricated the 2nd replacement lens said use windshield adhesive – be sure to use the primer and follow the directions. A year later – no leaks.

    1. silicone is not an adhesive, but more of a gasket. its main advantage is that it is not broken down by UV. The sealant itself is just one of the factors. The size of the landing, as well as thickness and amount of the sealant factor in.

  2. Never had much luck with silicon in the long run on hatches. Not with acrylic lenses anyway.

    Have had great luck with the adhesive used for car windshields.

    1. I remember from school that silicones don’t break down from UV.
      I checked in with the surveying legend Dennis Smith on this one. He approves of silicone. He advises staying away with any having polysulfides in them. What did you find happening with the silicone?

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