Almost Caught Up

Guys, I have the 20 or or so study plans printed and ready to go out. I’m almost caught up from the trip.

A few people have emailed asking for information.  I reply to your email and it bounces back as “undeliverable” and “failed”.  People.  I need a workable email address to make a reply work.  And Terri, I can’t call back without a phone number.

3 thoughts on “Almost Caught Up”

  1. with a roof?
    Could you put them up on the blog?
    I am still kicking around ideas for shading the deck and helm of my daycharter 36

  2. my original e-mail can receive your mail sometimes,i give you a new e-mail i am sorry ,my english is very poor ,so i am not confident to talk with you by telephone in english .i want to see the pictures of actual charter catamaran36 with a roof ,thank you !

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